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Baby Gray Fox That Was So Dehydrated Is Finally Healthy Thanks To The Family That Saved Her

A baby gray fox was seen one day by the Caballero family in Arizona. They were surprised when they saw the little baby that was just 6 weeks old.

This gray fox was so dehydrated and was so thirsty. So this family decided to help and take care of this baby.

Also they put the fox inside a box without touching her.

They named her Foxy.

Now she is all healthy and is getting better day by day thanks to this family.

The family also decided to bring her to a wildlife center.

“She appears to be doing quite well. She was a little dehydrated when we got her, but otherwise healthy. She was already eating solid food, so we’ve managed to fatten her up a bit in the short time she’s been at Southwest Wildlife. All indications are—from a health perspective—that she’s like to grow up into a strong, healthy girl,” explained Jim Mitchell of the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center.