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Poor Charlie Was Left Tied To The Dumpster, With All The Waste Strewn Around Him And He Was Infested With Maggots

Charlie had no choice but to wait till someone discovered him since he was strapped to a dumpster and trash was all around him. He was hungry, had bruises on his face from being beaten, and was all alone himself until two kind individuals came along and assisted him.

The couple hurried the pit bull, who was 2 years old, to Philadelphia Animal Hospital. When the vets first examined him, what they discovered was unlike anything they had ever seen.

According to Adria Rebbecchi, the animal hospital’s head of communications, to The Dodo:

She was in such anguish that she did not even want to move. “We raised his jowls, and the insides of his cheeks and lips were entirely infected with maggots.”

Charlie’s condition was so critical that the animal hospital hurriedly brought him in for care.

Adriah remarked:

“We were so delighted to get Charlie the treatment he needed when we met Charlie,” said one of the folks who brought him to us.

Adria’s father made the decision to pay for all of her medical expenses on the spot.

Charlie was given pain medicine by the veterinarians, and they quickly scheduled surgery to deal with his lips and mouth. The worm infection had spread so far that the tissue could not be saved; it had to be removed.

For weeks, they debated whether to try surgery in an effort to help him regain some of his lips.

Due to his injuries, Charlie had trouble eating, but the veterinarians provided him with little meals many times a day to ensure that he was properly healing. As his discomfort diminished, he slowly started to regain his strength, and his charming nature started to emerge.

Adriah remarked:

Since then, he has always been glad to be with people and won’t stop kissing them and attempting to play games. Given his situation, he felt quite comfortable with people. “He allowed those who found him go right up to him and pick him up, so we simply assumed he was kind.