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Kindhearted Stray Dog Sees A Pup Tied Up — And Works To Set Him Free

Dmitriy Timchenko recently witnessed a heartwarming display of canine solidarity at its best.

Timchenko and a buddy were visiting a business in Novorossiysk, Russia, earlier this week when they observed a pit bull tied out front. The dog had only been left there for a short while by his owner, who was inside shopping, but one furry stranger seemed to be unaware of this.

That bystander was a stray dog, presumably worried that the crated puppy had been abandoned.


Timchenko told The Dodo, “I’ve seen this stray dog around town numerous times.” “He always crosses the street at a crosswalk. He’s a really intelligent dog.”

He’s also incredibly thoughtful, as it turns out.

As Timchenko stood there watching, the stray dog approached the patiently waiting pet and began to remove the knot that had been holding him captive — and before long, he was free, led off (if grudgingly) to join the stray on an adventure.