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Family Surprises Boy At School With His Missing Dog

On special occasions like Christmas, being able to be with our loved ones and partake in all the moments of harmony that take place as a family is what counts most.

When the unthinkable occurred and their 2-year-old Pug vanished, Carter Licata and his dog Piper would understand what was meant by the previous term.

It was terrible since Carter Licata and Piper had a very close romantic relationship.

According to April Licata, The Dodo:

“The 2-year-old pug adores every member of his family, but their relationship is particularly close. They both fell in love with one other at first sight.”

The unexpected occurred in November as Carter’s mother April was letting Piper out to use the restroom. She did not respond as usual when the dog called her back.

The family launched a quick and arduous search around the area, on social media, and through other neighborhood groups. However, as time went on, his chances of locating his pet were dwindling.

March said:

We all made the mistake of assuming that kids wanted Christmas decorations. The holiday was gloomy.

Everything would abruptly change in response to a Facebook post from the Genesee County Animal Shelter. A dog with the same traits as Piper had been abandoned at the shelter by an unknown individual.

March said:

When my husband and I were on our way to supper, the automobile admittedly let out a cry of delight. We were astounded and thrilled!

They knew it was Piper the moment they arrived at the shelter and saw while she was on the go, tail wagging.

They made the decision to keep everything a secret until Carter got back because he was out of town. Piper, meantime, was glad to be going back to her house.

The moment was just exhilarating up until the long-awaited meeting day came; for Carter, seeing his pet brought on uncontrollable cries of happiness; and for Piper, seeing her sibling, her tail didn’t stop wagging.

Carter’s mother captured the touching encounter on camera; you can view it here: