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Monkeys Did Not Stop Hugging Their Brother And The Veterinarians Discover That He Suffers From Down Syndrome

For some, it’s easy to assume that in nature, only the law of the strongest rules, and that this rule applies to all species. A family of monkeys, on the other hand, has defied all expectations, demonstrating that sentiments of brotherhood and friendship are not exclusive to humans.

The Gaziantep Zoo in southern Turkey is the location for this fantastic narrative, where several rescued monkeys dwell after being rescued from the brutal hands of a smuggling network that benefits from the lives of these animals.

Smugglers kidnapped three macaque siblings from their mother’s arms, but they were rescued thanks to an unique crew committed to dismantling this sort of network.

There is one of these three brothers who has a particular condition: the monkey has Down syndrome. Although this is an unusual occurrence in the species, it does occur, and the other macaques have not rejected it; in fact, the two brothers go out of their way to protect and support their brother Down.

The zookeepers were first unaware of the monkey’s condition, but they did note that the others seemed to constantly care and embrace him, as if they wished to protect him.

The vets had seen that one of the three had a slightly unusual face and longer arms, but they could not instantly recognize the particular condition of the tiny one, according to Celal zsöyler, head of the local wildlife authority in the municipality. The other young monkeys, it seemed, were fully aware of the situation.

“It appears that the other brothers were aware of it, and they are concerned about him. They never leave him alone and feed him. “Right now, we’re waiting for them to mature, and once they do, they’ll be able to join the other monkeys here,” zsöyler explained.

Although a zoo is not the perfect environment for any animal, the one in Gaziantep provides a safe haven for a large number of animals that have fallen into the hands of unscrupulous persons looking to profit from wildlife.

These small ones only want to protect their brother after losing their mother.

The authorities strive to provide the best possible care for all animals. In fact, in June, they were able to save 200 lovebirds who had been detained by customs in a border location.

“They’re being treated for various ailments, and I’m hoping they’ll be able to move into our Bird House once their health improves,” Celal zsöyler said.