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This Dog Refused To Receive Food Until Finally She And Her Puppies Were Safe, Now They Wait For A Forever Home

When six little pups, only a few days old, were found cuddled up together and abandoned by a group of youngsters playing near a construction site, they knew they had to assist. Without learning that her mother had just left to acquire food and was missing her infants, they decided to take them home and begin bottle-feeding.

The kids knew the puppies probably required more specialized care than they could offer, so they got in touch with Hope for Paws, who agreed right once to take care of the babies.

The crew chose to give the cubs back to their mother so that she could come and rescue them since they anticipated that she was waiting for them close to where they had been discovered.

They erected a little tent for the cubs where they were discovered, filling it with cozy blankets. They hoped that her mother remained where she had last seen her children.

The mother soon arrived, completely scared and fiercely protective of her children since she didn’t want to lose them again. Despite being obviously hungry, she refused to eat when rescuers offered her food because she was too worried about her puppies’ welfare.

Fearing they could be there to harm her infants, the mother started to growl. So, despite her objections, the crew swiftly wrapped a leash around her neck and somehow managed to secure her since they realized they had to move quickly if they were to rescue her from her.

The rescuers proved to her that they were there to aid them even if she was still a little upset despite being right next to her infants. Eventually, everything went smoothly. Her mother finally ate some when she was confident that she and her puppies were secure.

The pups were given the names Valencia, Bergamot, Ponderosa, Satsuma, Mandarin, and Clementine, while the mother was given the name Navalina; the location where they were discovered was formerly a citrus grove.

The adorable puppies received their first inspection at the veterinarian while the family was there, and fortunately, they were all healthy and content thanks to their mother, who did her best to keep them nourished and protected while they were homeless.

Three weeks have passed, and Navalina and her puppies are now secure in foster homes as they wait to be prepared to find loving homes.