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A Run Over And Dying Donkey Finds Comfort In A Small Puppy

Guerreirinho (Little Warriorbrief )’s journey through a world defined by violence, apathy, and a complete lack of empathy for the pain of the most innocent species is one of the most terrible incidents in Brazilian rescue history.

At the age of five months, this unfortunate burrito saw firsthand how cruel people can be.

In the city of Fortaleza, he was cowardly ran over and left to die.

Instead of pausing to see whether the animal was okay or at the very least to beg for assistance, the driver proceeded on his journey, abandoning Guerreirinho to his destiny.

After hours of waiting for assistance, the residents of the area requested that the government intervene. They even phoned the press when they didn’t get a response, until the Zoonosis Center showed up. Without any prior assessment, a veterinarian appeared out of nowhere with a single syringe with a fatal injection to euthanize the animal.

Stefanie Rodrigues and Zenith Gurgel, two capeless heroes, went to her rescue to avert this unjust act.

Seeing his indolence, they took him home to care for him themselves, knowing that they were in for a long and difficult journey.

The young donkey’s legs were immobile due to three major fractures, which meant he would have to wait until his heroes gathered the required funds for his procedure.

Stephanie did not hesitate to ask for support from the networks since the small donkey required special food, drugs at all hours of the day and night, many more expensive medical tests than typical due to its size, physiotherapy, and regular massages… Aside from the expensive procedure, which cost more than 10,000 reais (2,000 euros).

But he had no idea that the only thing he would get in return would be criticism.

“Wouldn’t it have been better if they had sacrificed him?” they asked. “Give me one reason!” she yelled back.

We completely agree with Stephanie; she simply wanted to fight with all her power to give him the chance he earned simply for being alive.

Fortunately, Guerreirinho acquired a tiny buddy during their lengthy wait – 20 days had gone after the accident and they still hadn’t received the money – who made the whole ordeal a little more bearable.