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They Capture A Puppy’s Response To A Hungry Koala Asking For Some Of His Water

Following a series of bushfires that ravaged Australia early last year, the fate of billions of koalas was tragic.

Despite the valiant efforts of firemen, rescuers, and volunteers, Australians felt powerless as they witnessed their priceless animals slipping through their fingers like water.

The scorching heat and excruciating flames drove the animals that survived to escape their homes in panic, pleading for assistance. Unfortunately, it was the koalas that bore the worst of the damage.

Nearly half of the population of these rare mammals was wiped off, prompting researchers to express grave worry for the species’ survival.

Heartwarming images occurred as a nice pick-me-up for the soul, among the dreadful news that was arriving day by day.

After a newborn koala emerged in their garden, a lucky Adelaide family had a touching encounter.

They have the best host at the Stone house for the blessing of the baby, which they have named Quasi, who was in charge of being a genuine source of support for the tiny marsupial.

Rusty saw that his pal was in severe need of a glass of water in the midst of the heat wave. And he encouraged him to cool off from a huge container, which they drank from jointly till they were pleased.

Although the events captured by its owner, Danielle Stone, occurred over a year ago and were urged to spread by one of the neighbors, Andrew Frost, they have recently resurfaced on social media, going viral once more.

“Yes, the nation is on fire, climate change is real, and many politicians reject it,” Andrew commented at the time, with the video, which has over 5 million views.

Rusty has no qualms about sharing a glass of water with his thirsty pal, even allowing him to “drink to his heart’s content” at one point.