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Homeless Dog Always Brings A Gift To The Woman Who Feeds Him

Orawan Kaewla-IAT is a Thai woman who volunteers to feed stray dogs near her house. She assists animals in need, and one of them comes with a prize. Every day, one of the homeless dogs brings Orawan a present as a gesture of her gratitude.

Orawan presented a touching story of a dog he has been caring for named Tua Plu, which means “winged bean” in Indonesian, and who comes to his house every day to hunt food for himself and his mother.

Every day, the intelligent dog carries a leaf in its mouth and brings it to the woman who feeds it, as if exchanging something.

On Facebook, Orawan wrote:

“If he’s hungry, he’ll give you something to eat.”

Orwan stated:

“Every day, he arrives with an object in his mouth, generally a leaf or a piece of paper, and you have to feed Tua Plu and his mother before you can feed the other dogs.”

Tua Plu isn’t sure where she got about this lovely gesture, but it wouldn’t be the first time a dog has given a present to someone who cares about them.

The video has gone viral in Thailand and internationally, prompting some to question if the dog should be adopted because he is wearing a collar, which Orawan claims is to keep him safe from vermin. They are frequently persecuted because of stray dogs.

For the time being, the woman is concerned because she is about to relocate and has no idea who will feed Tua Plu in the future. However, some people have expressed interest in adopting the dog.