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Outrage Over The Case Of The Little Fox Antonio Snatched From His Family Who Raised Him As A Pet

The small fox Antonio, who is as weak and helpless as you can imagine him to be, has long been the subject of discussion and the source of significant conflicts of interest across the Bolivian region.

The news that young Antonio had been stolen from the family who saw him grow up left activists, animal lovers, and everyone else who understands the love that can be felt for a pet—which you already regard to be a member of the family—with nothing but anguish and outrage.

When Antonio was saved after his mother was slain, his owner bottle-fed him.

To argue for the welfare of the animal, which is wild by nature but has already been domesticated, close to 28 attorneys will square off.

According to wildlife specialists, Antonio has to be given back to his family right away since “he might perish in 5 to 6 days.”

The problem with the small fox started when some Oruro residents objected to the animal’s stay at the house of a family who had reared it from an extremely early age. The argument started at that point, but his owners insisted that he had been treated like a pet and given all the attention that was due to him.

Unfortunately, they ran across legal restrictions stating that a wild animal cannot be reared in this manner.

As is always the case, there are exceptions to the norm. And according to legal experts, the Ministry of the Environment might grant the family permission to have it by assessing the circumstances under which they now reside. But regrettably, the authorities took the young animal away from its home without showing even the slightest sign of compassion or good reason.