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A Family Dog Falls In Love With A Kitten And Decides To Raise Her As Her Own

Emma, from Yorkshire, England, started looking for a new companion for her family a few months ago. Maggie, her 13-year-old dog, wanted for a companion.

“I used to have another dog, but she died 18 months ago. It was really tough for Maggie and me to grieve for her “Love Meow was informed by Emma. “I recently decided, after having a dream about it, that a feline companion would be a wonderful addition to our family.”

She soon came across a little calico kitten named Minnie and fell in love with her. Maggie, the family dog, had the same colors and characteristics as the young one.


Minnie Emma took the kitty home two months ago. She met her new canine companion, who was immediately charmed with her. Maggie was immediately taken with the newcomer and ready to care for her.

The calico, on the other hand, was a little nervous at first because she had never seen a dog before, but Maggie’s gentle nature immediately put her at ease. The small kitten was nuzzling her way into Maggie’s coat before they realized it, like if they had always been friends.


Maggie has become more animated and maternal since the kitten came. She follows the cat around everywhere she goes, never letting her out of her eyes.
“I think Maggie thinks she’s Minnie’s mother since their colors and markings are so similar,” Emma told Love Meow.


Minnie is a little rebel. She likes to play with Maggie’s tail, jump on her when she isn’t looking, and sneak up behind her and attack her. Maggie seems unconcerned about her mischief and is always willing to give the kitten a hug.

Maggie, Minnie’s most trusted tutor, has started to teach her certain canine abilities now that they’ve spent weeks together.


“Minnie idolizes Maggie and has begun to imitate her. Perhaps she imagines herself to be a dog “Emma expressed her ideas.
When Maggie’s clever little calico found that she got to go for a stroll outside every day, she insisted on joining her.


Watch Maggie and Minnie in this cute video:

<iframe width=”720″ height=”405″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/Flkm4yO9uOs” title=”YouTube video player” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Maggie always keeps a watch on the kitten when they go for walks, making sure she is safe and not getting into mischief. Maggie will come racing to check on the little feline rascal if she makes a noise.

“Maggie is quite protective of Minnie, and Minnie feels comfort and safety with Maggie, particularly on walks,” Emma explained to Love Meow.


Minnie likes her canine companion and follows her around like a shadow. She enjoys being in Maggie’s company and makes sure she is constantly close by.


Maggie and Minnie have turned into one other’s lifeline. With Minnie, the gentle senior has rediscovered her spark and feels like a puppy once again.

Emma told Love Meow, “I think Minnie brings out a younger side in Maggie.”


This attractive family continues to fill their house with adorableness. They are overjoyed to have found a buddy in each other.


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