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Woman Adopted Two Lynxes, Eight Dogs And Three Horses

Meet Anastasia Poznyak, a woman that loves animals a lot. She has recently adopted two lynxes from a Fur Farm.

She is such a cat person but she loves dogs as well. Anastasia has written to Bored Panda that she lives even with her 8 dogs: six huskies, a Samoyed Dog and a Northern Inuit dog.

Surprised yet?

Woman thought that it would be a bit dangerous to adopt a kitten since she has a lot of dogs at her home.

So she went to the Fur Farm and decided to adopt a little lynx.

“It wasn’t a hard decision—I adopted a tiny baby lynx whose destiny was to become a fur coat. I named him Geralt after Geralt of Rivia from the Witcher”, she wrote to Bored Panda.

Dogs were so happy when saw Geralt and they play and cuddle with each other all time. Later, Anastasia adopted one more kitten.

It’s a baby girl and her name is Bulochka. Anastasia is so pleased to live with her cats and dogs and she love them so much.

Also she has three beautiful horses as well.