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Parents On Vacation Receive A Cute Video Update From Their Son And Family Dog

Garrett Johnson’s parents just left on a week-long trip, leaving him in charge of the house and the family’s beloved small dog, Oscar.

As his mother walked out the door, she reminded Garrett to take excellent care of the dog because they’d never been gone for so long.

She had nothing to be concerned about, it turned out. Oscar was in capable (and quite imaginative) hands.


To set his parents’ worries at ease while they were away, Garrett decided to make a little film demonstrating the fun he and Oscar were having in their absence. He got the idea for a homey comedy on the spur of the moment, knowing he had the finest co-star on his side from the start.

Garrett told The Dodo, “Oscar is the funniest dog I know.”

Here’s the cute video they made together to present to Garrett’s parents:

Garrett’s parents may have been on vacation, but the greatest fun was undoubtedly being had at home. His mother, in particular, couldn’t get enough of the amusing video update.

“She thought it was really humorous and claimed she laughed so hard she wept,” Garrett added.

Garrett’s mother, however, was not the only one.


Garrett and Oscar’s little buddy video has been seen tens of thousands of times since it was uploaded on Twitter, demonstrating that even strangers liked the nice update meant only for Garrett’s parents.

“It’s just blown me away,” he remarked. “Because I only had 70 followers, I was only publishing it for my pals. This is unbelievable.”

The camera may have stopped rolling, but Oscar and Garrett’s good times haven’t slowed down at the house with just them two.

“We’re just chilling and hanging out till [my folks] get back,” he explained. “Everything is OK.”