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A Baby Giraffe Has Arrived At The Virginia Zoo

Imara is on her eighth calf, and Billy is on his thirteenth. Also, a newborn test confirmed the baby’s gender to be female.

The newborn giraffe is the first infant to be born at the Virginia Zoo in the year 2021. The calf is now doing well and bonding with its mother, according to the Zoo’s care experts. In addition, the calf looks to be standing up and already sprinting.

The Masai Calf was featured on the Virginia Zoo’s Facebook page, with the caption “WOAH, Baby!” At 6’1′′, he is a tall man. Keepers at the Virginia Zoo are overjoyed to welcome a baby female Masai giraffe that was born on January 11, 2021.”

Furthermore, the Zoo eventually announced the Masai giraffe’s name a month after she was born. The calf’s name is Tiana, according to a beautiful video.

“Newborn giraffes who need a bit longer to breastfeed can have their immune systems boosted,” the Zoo said in a press release. Plasma infusions from giraffes assist to improve immunity.”

As a result, the Virginia Zoo got an overnight cargo before the baby giraffe was born. It was made up of several injections of giraffe plasma. The delivery was sent to them by the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

Fortunately, the young giraffe did not require plasma since her immunity was sufficient.

Tiana’s birth has brought the total number of giraffes in the herd to six. As a result, this is a new high for the zoo. Imara, Noella, Kylie, Teddy-Acacia, Billy, and Tiana, the newborn baby, are now part of the herd.

The mating of Imara and Billy was suggested by the Species Survival Program. Similarly, the program strives to keep an animal population that is genetically varied.

According to the IUNC list of endangered animals, the Masai giraffe is under threat. The main cause of their dropping numbers is habitat loss and poaching. Thus, according to the Zoo, the birth of Tiana is great news.

Initially, Virginia Zoo launched a campaign, like they do every year. People were able to submit name suggestions for the infant giraffe as a result of this. Anyone could send in a submission for $5.

We wish for this newborn Giraffe’s happiness and success!