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Cat Entered A Woman’s Apartment With A Kitten, Then Returned With More

A neighborhood cat entered an apartment carrying a kitten and later returned with several more.

Credit: Linda Zardain

Linda Zardain, a Texas resident, has been caring for neighborhood animals. She’d put food out on a regular basis in the hopes that they’d learn to trust her.

One of the cats, a calico, started to like her. Linda told Love Meow, “She started following me, so I sat down and let her approach me, which she did, and she let me pet her a little.”

“She began to drop by more frequently over time. She would bolt if someone went by or even if the door moved. She remained terrified.”

Linda found a ray of hope in the fact that the cat was attempting to be nice with her. She began to spend more time outside with her cat, Callie, whom she adored. She was able to pet her and sit with her with a lot of patience, and their relationship began to deepen.

Even if something outside startled Linda, the calico would eventually stay with her. “Despite the fact that she was previously wild, she was showing signs of affection, and I believed she would make a wonderful companion.”

Credit: Linda Zardain

Linda saw Callie’s tummy bulge about that time and realized she was expecting. She attempted to entice her inside her house, where she built up a birthing box for the expecting cat mother. On a Sunday, Callie showed up but immediately departed.

Linda didn’t see her for many days until a neighbor informed her that a cat carrying a kitten had been sighted outside. Linda brought her own animals into her room, unlocked the door, and proceeded to see the cat mom and her new kids, thinking it was Callie.

Callie emerged from concealment a minute or so after the neighbor had left the scene, carrying a kitten. She entered Linda’s flat and proceeded to the birthing box. “I was taken aback since nothing like this had ever occurred to me before. I stroked both her and the baby.”

Credit: Linda Zardain

Callie stood up and walked out the door a short while later. She carried the remainder of her litter inside the apartment one by one, and all five kittens made it to their new home safely.

“She entrusted them and herself to me. She’d get up in the middle of a nursing session for attention, and the only way I could convince her to return to the babies was to sit next to her and touch her as she nursed them.”

Credit: Linda Zardain

“Even though the kittens had their mother, I was so worried about their survival that I studied Hannah Shaw’s (Kitten Lady) videos for tips,” Linda stated.

“I went into overdrive watching them for any signs of something going wrong. I’m grateful they survived. They gave me so much pleasure.”

Credit: Linda Zardain

It started raining outdoors just a few days after Callie and her kittens moved in. Linda was relieved that the small family had found a secure haven in such a short amount of time.

“About three days before some heavy storms occurred, she brought them in to me,” Linda explained. “She was a wonderful mother to her kittens and always let me know if she was anxious about anything.”

Credit: Linda Zardain

In foster care, the tiny family of six bloomed, and the kittens grew in leaps and bounds.

In this video, you can see their journey:

Linda had no intention of getting another cat. While seeking for a possible adoptive family for Callie, she discovered the beautiful mom had already found her forever home.

Credit: Linda Zardain

“I kept the mommy since she’s still hesitant with other people but loves me passionately,” Linda said to Love Meow.

“She purrs quickly and enjoys being close to me.”

Credit: Linda Zardain

It took months for all of the kittens to be adopted. “They’ve been in their loving homes for roughly eight months.”

“I never saw myself as a foster parent. It was incredible.”

Credit: Linda Zardain