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This Bear Lost All Her Fur After Being Used In A Circus For 20 Years

Numerous circuses and zoos nowadays primarily consider their own interests, putting the care of the animals last. In Cholita’s instance, the bear lost all of her fur and unjustly had to put up with a lot of mistreatment from a circus; in addition, she had her teeth knocked out, her fingers amputated, and her fur shed as a result of stress.

After spending the first 20 years of her life chained up in a cage and enduring a lot of abuse that she most certainly did not deserve, Cholita was finally able to experience freedom in 2015.

Many people are shocked by this bear’s appearance, and it is unbelievable to think that it is a spectacled bear.

Cholita was in a dreadful position, and Animal Defenders International (ADI) saved her from it. Because of her poor health, they had to give her an oxygen chamber.

She was strong enough to go back to freedom in a safe facility in a forest after completing her rehabilitation procedure.

He has been eating well ever then, and he has even developed new hair on various regions of his body.

The bear, who can now play, sleep peacefully, eat, and even interact with her neighbors Lucho and Sabina, two bears who were also saved by the ADI organization, is very content to be walking among the trees.

ADI’s president, Jan Creamer, stated:

The sights and sounds of the forest, as well as Cholita’s new home, are things she has been cruelly denied access to since she was a baby.