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They Complained About The Presence Of A Homeless Dog In The Restaurant But Did Not Imagine The Response Of The Owner

Lola is a canine that has been a guest at Tortas Carsimas since it opened in Oaxaca, Mexico, some five months ago. Although some diners do not enjoy the animal’s presence, the proprietor fights tooth and nail to keep her. The animal brightens the ambience of the establishment. Lola has been supported by the guy ever since she came, but even with food and basic care, the dog still needs a place to be warm.

Lola’s parents take care of her in the neighborhood; it is unknown if she was abandoned or if she was born on the streets. A month ago, they brought her to La Pelu Spa Canino, where she received vaccinations, a bath, and sterilization, according to the restaurant’s owner.

Many people do not notice the dog’s presence in the restaurant with their sharp eyes. As a result, the restaurant’s owner explained his reasoning for keeping Lola there in a Facebook post.

Don’t assume this is an ancient rug or a 3-D rug if you visit Tortas Carsimas and see it there. This is Lola, a stray dog that made her way to this area around five months ago and decided to remain. Because Lola remains, period, if you are worried by animals, sincerely ask that you let me know so I may put your cakes away.

Lola is now living outside the business during the day and is given refuge at night by a kindhearted person as she searches for a forever home.