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They Say The Sweetest Goodbye To A Rescued Elephant That Had Been Forced To Walk Tourists For Years

The idea of trying to preserve a 70-year-old elephant who has spent its entire existence being compelled to walk visitors was initially questioned by some. However, all lives count to Emily McWilliam and her staff at Burm & Emily’s Elephant Sanctuary (BEES), a sanctuary for elephants in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Emily penned:

“There were a few people who said we were wasting our time and effort and even suggested we help younger, healthier elephants who might live longer. We realized we needed to assist her.

Mae Mor was freed from abuse and compulsion for the last several months after the team saved her, and she has since discovered what a pleasant life may be. This shows that the team’s efforts to save Mae Mor were worthwhile.

He ended up leaving Earth after those few months. Despite dying last week, he finally lived the life he deserved.

Mae Mor finally discovered what it was like to stroll through the lush forests and spend her days relaxing in the shade of a tree at the sanctuary before she was tied up in a sweltering field with a spiky metal band around her leg locking her in place.

When Mae Mor first came at the shrine in March, she had trouble comprehending her newfound independence.

Emily penned:

“This gentle, weak, old elephant was able to be free from chains for the first time and given the freedom to just be an elephant,” the author writes.

Mae Mor was too afraid to explore the refuge for the first three weeks.