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Heartbroken Greyhound Waited By His Best Friend’s Body For A Month Before Being Found

A nine-year-old greyhound was inconsolable as he stood next to his owner’s lifeless body at his Houston, Texas, home. It’s difficult to comprehend Dory’s thoughts when his best friend passed away. Days substituted for hours. Weeks followed the days. Before anyone learned Dory’s owner had passed away and she had been recovered, a whole month had passed.

The tiny pooch was obviously confused and afraid following her trauma as she was transported to the Harris County Animal Shelter.

“This dog spent a month living at home with his deceased owner. The dog was brought to a shelter since the owner’s body wasn’t discovered until today.

Dory stayed in the shelter for a few days in case any family members came to claim her, but regrettably no one did.

Dory was finally adopted by Greyhound Pets of America (GPA Houston) after her waiting time ended and placed in foster care while she searches for a new family.

According to Arden Tucker, president of GPA Houston,

She was naturally a little anxious when we picked her up.

Unbelievably, despite being a little underweight, Dory was in good health. In her foster home, where she can spend time with family and other dogs, Dory is currently learning how to unwind.

Declared Arden

“The first couple of days were a little worrisome, but now it’s gotten used to it and is doing great. He adores sleep, much like other greyhounds, and can’t get enough of it to unwind on the couch or outside in the sunshine.

Her rescuers are starting to look for new homes that would be perfect for Dory as she begins to regain the weight she lost. Although it’s unknown if she’d be open to having cats share her home, Dory appears to prioritize being among other greyhounds. She enjoys interacting with hers.