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Activists Rescue All The Dogs From A Zoonosis Center In Cuba

Several activists in Cuba used social media to rescue all of the dogs still in the Public Observation Center, often known as Zoonosis, in the Havana municipality of La Lisa.

The activists were able to free 27 adult dogs, 10 pups, and three female canines who had recently given birth from the euthanasia facility.

Beatriz Batista, the initiative’s head and leader of the animal movement, stated on social media that despite not having all of the essential circumstances, they were able to save all of the animals.


Despite the fact that just a few people showed up to assist and cooperate in this process, their efforts were outstanding, and they achieved their primary purpose.

Last Monday, the activists came early at the zoonosis facility, where members of the Cuban Association for the Protection of Animals and Plants (ANIPLANT) were already there. Nora Garca, the president of ANIPLANT, and Laura Pardo, who is in charge of the organization’s social media, are among them.


In a recent post, Beatriz stated:

“Of course, there were Zoonosis employees, including “the veterinarian” Flora, who has been in charge of injecting strychnine into pups for more than 16 years.”


Despite its tiny role in the rescue, the group received credit for it through its social media and journalistic outlets.

On his Facebook page, ANIPLANT wrote:

«Adoptions at the Public Health Observation Center were completed. We appreciate everyone’s help, especially the personnel at the center.”


Beatriz wanted to make it clear that the merit of these animals’ emancipation belongs to the activists, not to ANIPLANT. According to her, the group was only on the scene for a brief moment.