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Animals Can’t Stop Looking At Their Owners With Eyes Of Love

Anyone who has worked with animals understands how much love these little ones have for their caregivers; they want to be as near to us as possible and attempt to comfort us when they see we are upset; they generally look at us with loving eyes in the kindest and most compassionate way imaginable.

Some individuals have photographed the exact time when these looks of affection for their humans occur in animals and published them on social media to comfort anyone who stumbles across them online.

“As usual, I’m in third position after my guy and Darlene.”

Their sincere expressions reveal how much these furry sweethearts adore their people, those loving eyes that appear as if they don’t want to miss a single word or gesture from their closest buddy.

“We recently adopted Bella, and she adores my fiancée.”

“As a youngster, my spouse was unable to have pets. When we initially moved in together, I surprised her with a small gift.”

Dr. Kristyn Vitale of Oregon State University’s Human-Animal Interaction Laboratory, author of “Ties Between Domestic Cats and Humans” study published in Current Biology, discusses with colleagues about how cats may create solid bonds with their owners. She claims that 65 percent of felines form a stable emotional link with their carers as a result of her studies.

“Tarzan and me, my new baby”

Dr. Kristyn said to Bored Panda about the study:

“Because there has been very little research on the cat-human link, especially when compared to the number of research studies on dogs and people, our objective was to add to the body of knowledge in this sector.”


“About a month ago, I rescued my kid from being abandoned. He’s the sweetest dog I’ve ever met ».

“He was purring the whole ride home.”