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Police Stop To Question A Young Man And Realize He Is Saving A Life

The protagonist of this touching tale of animal rescue is Brooklyn Park, Minnesota native Cristopher Felix, a 19-year-old college student. A squirrel recently rushed onto the roadway and beneath Christopher’s car when he was out for a stroll close to his home.

The squirrel appeared to have died on the highway. Cristopher, however, made the decision to pause and try to save the squirrel rather than continuing on his journey.

“I felt awful about what had transpired. I was only considering trying to assist the squirrel because I believed it to be the right course of action. Because the poor squirrel was immobile, I picked him up with my glove, set him down on the ground, and began performing chest compressions.”

By the time the neighborhood police noticed Cristopher and stopped to interview him, the procedure had been going on for ten minutes. The following was caught on one of the cops’ body cameras:

Everyone there is ecstatic about what transpired because the young man saved the squirrel.

Cristopher considers the life of a squirrel to be important, even if it may not appear important to some.