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A Sweet Homeless Dog Tracks Down The Workplace Of The Young Man Who Has Been Kind To Her And Waits For Him Every Day

A month ago, Mohd Ridhuan and several pals were relaxing on Malaysia’s Johor Bahru beach when they stumbled upon a pack of abandoned canines. The young man, who has always had compassion for animals, realized he had to do something to assist them. When a dog he had met on the street found his employment and waited for him, he was completely taken aback.

Mohd started to routinely visit the shore to provide food to the four dogs that were eagerly awaiting him, notably a cute brown and white dog named Sally.

“I made an effort to get near to them and took a chance that they could pursue me. Unexpectedly, they didn’t. When they noticed me, their tails began to wag.


The young man was astonished to find Sally outside the store where he works one day when he couldn’t go to the beach since she had no intention of leaving until she had spent some time with him. Sally now considers the store to be her home and makes an effort to spend time with Mohd.


Mohd is aware that Sally is a little depressed when his shift is over and he has to return home.

Added him:

“Every time I get home, she usually has a dejected expression. She is attached, upbeat, and guarded.”

The young guy typically talks to Sally so that she doesn’t go, and it seems that she listens intently. He believes that the dog is safer there than exploring the shore.


Mohd narrates:

I advise him to go to the restaurant if I’m not there and not to play on the road. She either pays attention to me or waits for me in the tent while sleeping.