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This Lovable Military Dog ​​Named Da Mao Had A Hard Time Seeing His Handler For Over Two Years Retire

A recent emotional occasion occurred during the retirement of a military commander in China. Da Mao, a military search and rescue golden retriever, wouldn’t let his handler go and went to his side as Jia Chuan prepared to leave with his dog. The dog found it difficult to see his favorite trainer go.

Da Mao had grown to be best friends with his coach. According to Daily Mail, this pair collaborated for little over two years, but Jia Chuan was about to leave the Chinese army after serving for eight years.


Da Mao was Jia Chuan’s first search and rescue dog, and over the course of their two years together, they grew quite close. The soldier hugs his companion one last time before giving Da Mao to his new trainer and partner before departing the barracks.


The endearing golden raced back to his side since he could not bear to see his longtime friend leave. Even when his new handler tried to remove him, Da Mao wouldn’t leave; he kept attempting to approach the soldier even as he was walking away from him.