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Paralyzed Dog Crawls For Miles Looking For Help

Although the specific cause of Poppy’s catastrophic spinal damage is unknown, it seems likely that someone without a heart booted her, as she now cannot use her rear legs. To seek assistance, this crippled dog had been trudging to a far-off elephant study station.

Amanda Stronza, a staff member at the camp in the Botswana area of the North Okavango, was astounded to see Poppy gently crawling to get there.

Amanda stated to The Dodo:

She basically crawled over since her rear legs were completely paralyzed when she arrived. Despite her inability to walk, she was full of love and searching for assistance.

This woman jumped at the chance to assist Poppy, and she and the other employees made the decision to care for her with great devotion. Everyone was taken aback by this small dog’s power.

Alyssa stated:

“Our camp is in a secluded area, where there are many predators in addition to elephants, including lions, hyenas, and other big cats. Emaciated and drenched in rain, she had managed to find her way to us.

When Poppy and her rescuers drove the eight hours to the closest veterinary facility from the campsite, they learned that she was only around seven months old and had evidently been injured in some sort of accident that had shattered her spine. had brought on paralysis.

Surgery might be able to assist, but even then, she had an extremely little chance of surviving.

Alyssa stated:

“The veterinarian informed us that after the procedure and rehabilitation, there is a “slight” possibility that he will be able to walk once more. But she still had so much life left in her, and I knew we had to respect that and give credit for the difficult battle she had already waged to find us and survive. She was unable to consent to her sacrifice.