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They Record The Gesture Of A Puppy After A Desperate Koala Asked Him For Some Of His Water

Following the wave of bushfires that ravaged Australia early last year, the fate of billions of koalas was tragic.

Firefighters, rescuers, and volunteers put in endless efforts, but the threat left Australians feeling helpless as they saw their prized animals go through their fingers like water.


The animals that did manage to live were so terrified of the heat and unbearable flames that they fled from their habitats and begged for some assistance. And regrettably, the koalas unquestionably suffered the most.

These priceless animals had almost half of their population wiped off, and researchers are quite worried about this species.

But among the awful news that was pouring out every day, there were also wonderful instances that offered a mild pick-me-up.


A lucky Adelaide family had a touching encounter when a newborn koala showed up in their garden.

The Stone household has the greatest host who was in charge of serving as a genuine source of support for the tiny marsupial, who they have blessed and named Quasi.


Rusty saw that his pal was in in need of a glass of water in the midst of the heat wave. And without thinking twice, he offered him to cool off from a big container, where they drank together till they were full.


Although the events captured on camera by the business’s owner, Danielle Stone, occurred more than a year ago and were pushed to be shared by one of the neighbors, Andrew Frost, they are now again making the rounds on social media and becoming viral.


Although the nation is burning, climate change is a reality, and many politicians reject it, Andrew remarked at the time, next to the video that has received more than 5 million views, “It’s wonderful to upload something smiling.”

Rusty is happy to share some water with his thirsty pal, even allowing him to “drink to his heart’s content” at one point.