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They Rescue A Dog That Hasn’t Left The Backyard In Two Years

A dog who hadn’t left the backyard in two years was saved by Ariel Van Pelt. She always wondered what happened to Ariel, the neighbor’s dog who never appeared to leave the yard on the other side of the fence. Ariel occasionally heard barking, but the wall prevented her from seeing anything.

Ariel eventually contacted her neighbor about the dog, who it turned out was a female named Daisy. Immediately, her neighbor questioned her, “Do you love her? Either I’ll leave her in the park or I’ll take her to the animal shelter.

Daisy was purchased from a breeder when she was just a puppy by the neighbor’s kid. After dropping her off at her mother’s house, he left her there. Daisy remained in the yard for the next two years.

When Ariel finally got a good look, she saw that Daisy had sarcoptic mange, a very painful condition brought on by mites that burrow beneath the skin.

Ariel stated, “I simply said, ‘Fuck it,’ and brought her to a vet. Daisy didn’t want to leave her, despite the fact that she had to get her out of the yard first. She was too afraid to leave the yard, so I had to take her up and carry her, according to Ariel.

Ariel had to pay for Daisy’s transportation to a remote boarding home, but for the last two months, she has made weekly visits to Daisy to let her know that she is not truly alone, even if she is kept in a cage.

Ariel has over $3,000 in credit card debt, while Daisy is now in foster care and the scabies have entirely disappeared. Ariel, who saw the arrival of a stunning dog—the dog Daisy was always destined to be—does not care about this.

She is quite tough, Ariel said. She is so tender and sweet despite everything that has happened to her.

Deisy’s foster family is delighted to have her in Los Angeles, but it appears they will only be able to care for her for a short while. She will therefore soon need to locate additional good people, a temporary residence, or a permanent residence.