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Adopted Girl Helps Elderly Dogs Find A Forever Home Like Her

A 14-year-old orphan girl who was adopted has collected $14,000 for older dogs that had been abandoned. All of the girl’s efforts are directed at finding them a permanent family and home, just as she was when she was a baby.

Meena Kumar, the story’s female heroine, had a tough start in life. She was abandoned in a basket on a college campus in Pune, India, when she was nine months old.

CREDIT: Meena Kumar

When they discovered her, they transported her to a Mumbai orphanage, where she spent a year until her luck changed for the better.

Meena was fortunately adopted by a couple in Mumbai and eventually moved to San Jose, California, where she now lives happily.

Meena was already caring for a small litter of puppies at her own house in Mumbai, demonstrating her passion and interest in assisting animals. Her weekly regimen includes visits to the Humane Society or the Muttville Senior Dog Rescue when she first arrived in the United States.

CREDIT: Meena Kumar

Meena learned about the rescue facility through a neighbor who had adopted a puppy from them, and she was immediately fascinated. With plenty of love and care, the neighbor related numerous anecdotes of how elderly dogs left in shelters may become terrific company.

CNN quoted Meena as saying:

“More people should adopt older pets,” says the author. They adore you unconditionally just like any other dog.”

Meena knew what it was like to be abandoned, and she wanted to assist these senior pets find a home where they would be loved unconditionally. However, despite her excitement, there was a catch: Meena needed to be at least 17 years old to volunteer at the shelter, and she was only 12.

CREDIT: Meena Kumar

So Meena began caring for her neighbors’ and friends’ dogs at her own house, with the proceeds going to Muttville.

Meena continued:

“You can never be too young to start a business,” says one entrepreneur.

Meena has raised $7,000 for Muttville by working hard for almost two years at a cost of $35 per day. Thanks to a generous contribution program at Intel, where her adoptive father works, that amount has grown to $14,000.

This initiative, according to Intel’s website, encourages workers to contribute money or time to charitable organizations. An effort that has substantially aided Meena’s goal and has also served as an example for other businesses to adopt this program.

CREDIT: Meena Kumar