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On The Opposite Side Of The Glass, Gorilla Takes Her Baby To Meet A Mother And Her Newborn

Emmelina Austin did not expect to form a friendship with a gorilla named Kiki when she visited the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, Massachusetts. Also approaching from the opposite side of the glass was a mother who wanted her kid to meet the woman and her new baby.

Canyon, Emmelina’s kid, drew the gorilla’s whole attention. Kiki astonished the Austin family with her lovely and beautiful reply when they were exploring and enjoying the gorilla displays at the zoo. Through the glass of her display, the bouncer observed and attempted to pet the woman’s infant.


Canyon’s father, Michael Austin, told The Dodo:

“As a mother, my wife said that she thought she could comprehend their link and see how much she loved for Pablo.” My wife took our kid to introduce him to Kiki, who was on the opposite side of the compound…then Kiki snatched Pablo and carried him to us on her leg.”

Take a look at the video to see the lovely moment:

Emmelina and Kiki sat with their kids inches apart, divided by glass, for a few minutes. They both recognized one other as moms, and it was a very special and emotional moment.

Michael continued, ”

“[Kiki] was using her hands to communicate with us. Pablo pressed his face on the glass at one point, and they saw him together, noses touching. My wife and I were both crying.”


This isn’t the first time the adorable gorilla has expressed an interest in other people’s children. In an interview with Today, John Linehan, president and CEO of Zoo New England, which maintains and runs the Franklin Park Zoo, said:

“We used to joke that if a baby fell into our display, Kiki would refuse to return it.” She has a motherly demeanor.”


Kiki was diagnosed with placenta previa, a condition in which the placenta blocks the cervix, when she was pregnant, according to the Zoo director. The gorilla had to give birth through caesarean surgery due to these problems.

John explains:

“We had to keep them apart for a few days while Kiki healed.” That’s usually a little nerve-wracking. Kiki, on the other hand, took up just where she left off and resumed feeding straight away. It was very incredible.”