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They Sprinkle Holy Water On An Innocent Owl And End Its Life For Fear Of Superstitions

Superstitions and beliefs can influence negative and even harmful conduct. This has happened in Mexico, where some individuals have assaulted specific birds because they believed they heralded death because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The stunning Mexican state of Yucatan is well-known around the world for its magnificent beaches and incredible Mayan ruins. Rural communities, however, nonetheless hold onto a number of widely held and revered customs and beliefs.

People worry and occasionally get carried away by beliefs to attempt to avoid something, which can only be done by adhering to sanitary measures and the proper distance, in the current times where the number of diseases and deaths in the Aztec nation is regrettably growing.

In the Yucatan Mayan villages, it is believed that the death of humans is attracted by the owls’ and other birds’ distinctive songs. And because of this, there have been some regrettable instances of unfairness toward these down coats.

There have been instances of mistreating owls with wooden items and stones in the Subincancab neighborhood of Timucuy. It is even reported that some individuals drenched a bird with holy water as a superstition to prevent death.

When several children became aware of what was taking place, they alerted the Asociación Proyecto Santa Mara. The rescuers arrived on the situation very away and were able to save the innocent and sober animal. They then transported him to a secure location where they could provide him the help and attention he needed.

But as the days passed and as a result of the harm, the owl ultimately gave up the fight and passed away. Another incident occurred that was comparable to another specimen discovered at a public baseball field; the animal was completely lost, and the association was informed.

One of the residents who discovered it said, “We traveled to this municipality after reporting to the environmental authorities, in order to help the specimen, but when we there we found that it had suddenly passed away without obvious explanation.”

In case of such occurrences, the rescuers headed to the scene to carry out the exacting operation. And they urge the populace to refrain from such heinous deeds that endanger the lives of birds and, by extension, the ecological equilibrium.