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Cat Insists on Taking His ‘Baby’ Blanket With Him Everywhere He Goes

When a litter of small 3-week-old kittens was abandoned, Sara Budzynowski was working at Wilson Veterinary Hospital, which has its own in-house rescue called The Sparky Fund. Except for one kitten, who had to have a portion of his tail removed owing to an illness, the kittens were all in perfect health. Budzynowski fell in love with the tiny kid, eventually named Renly, the more she assisted him.

“I brought him home to foster him about a week after he had that section of his tail severed, and the rest was history,” Budzynowski told The Dodo.


Budzynowski and her fiancé were overjoyed with their new foster child and immediately began indulging him. They gave him his own cozy blanket and an adorable tiny plush rabbit, and he’s still utterly infatuated with them at 10 months old.


He really brings the blanket with him everywhere he goes.

“From the day we brought him home, he has adored his blanket and generally brings it around his room to where he wants to sleep with it,” Budzynowski said.


Renly’s family has grown to include two corgis, Hotchner and Azula, since his adoption, and now that he’s a big brother, Renly has begun sharing his favorite blanket with his siblings as well.

“Hotchner and Renly share a room, and when we get home from work to let them out, we see that Renly will lay his blanket next to Hotch’s cage, and Hotch will attempt to drag it into the kennel with him,” Budzynowski explained.


Renly’s blanket must nearly always accompany him wherever he goes…

…and if it isn’t, he turns to his bunny.


Renly may value the blanket so highly since it was given to him by his parents, whom he adores even more than his prized blanket. It’s essentially a memento of the day he was adopted, and his parents intend to keep the blanket with him at all times.

“That blanket has seen a lot over the months and has been in the wash so many times,” Budzynowski said. “But I can’t stand to replace it and plan on keeping it for him for the rest of his life.”