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Puppy Is So Happy To See His Family Again Six Years After Being Lost

Late in October, a lady brought King, a little brown chihuahua, to the Humane Society of Broward County (HSBC). A family had been searching for the elderly dog for several years until the shelter ran a microchip check on him.

A loving family was waiting for the 15-year-old dog more than 1,300 miles away, it turned out. For this dog, being here was a huge blessing since it meant he would soon be reunited with his family after all these years.

HSBC Vice President of Marketing Cherie Wachter spoke to The Dodo:

“He was calm, docile, and anxious—like most dogs in an unfamiliar setting. King was regarded by many as being exceedingly nice.”


About six years prior, King vanished from the yard of the Vásquez family in San Antonio, Texas (the United States). They created fliers and visited local shelters throughout their hunt but were unsuccessful. Despite this, they never gave up hope of finding their cat.

The family was called by the Florida-based shelter, who informed them of the dog’s disappearance by voicemail.


Cherie explains:

They returned their call within an hour and were overjoyed to learn that King was alive and well. Debi and her daughter opted to travel to Florida to pick up King after calling the airlines and learning there wouldn’t be any flights until the weekend.


They jumped in their car and travelled for more than 19 hours to find their cherished puppy. King was shocked to see his mother again after six long years, and it was a very emotional reunion.

And Cherie said:

“I believe King was first a little apprehensive. Numerous individuals were observing. Debi broke down in tears, and I believe both she and her daughter Danae were really surprised to see their dog again after a six-year absence. They claimed to have never given up and even delivered the jewelry to her.

The family was overjoyed to be reunited, and to mark the occasion, they traveled to Dania Beach to view the Atlantic Ocean. King gradually started to feel at ease and realized that he will always be with her family.