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Over 800 Adorable Parakeets Were Found On Man’s House

Detroit Animal Welfare Group has posted incredible pictures of a bunch of parakeets. This was such a lovely gift on Christmas Eve.

A son found them at father’s home and notified the Group.

They were shocked at first but when they arrived discovered that there were 497 of them.

“We were in shock also but could not turn them away as they were all crammed in 7 cages and smothering each other and needed immediate help,” said the rescue group.

“We were able to reach out to some amazing bird rescues for help,” DAWG wrote on Facebook. “Jojos Flying Friends here in Romeo rushed right over and were able to take over 100 and the babies that require hand feeding. Birds and Beaks along with two other rescues will be here Sunday to take more.”

Till December 26, 2021 there are a total of 836 birds.

That’s so cute and adorable!