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With Her Mother, This Charming And Adventurous Ski Dog Enjoys The Mountains And Snow

Akela is a delightful little puppy that enjoys the finer things in life. This female, a combination of German shepherd and husky, lives with Ellie Crabb, 27, who is presently working in Alberta, Canada, and enjoys nothing more than face the snow slopes and adventures.

When Ellie, who is from Dundee, Scotland, has spare time, she likes bringing her four-legged closest pal skiing. The lady, a former theater teacher, has had the dog since she was a puppy and has no idea where she came from, but Akela, who is now four years old, has amazed Ellie with her adventurous attitude.

Ellie explained to METRO UK:

“There’s nothing quite like skiing, especially when you’re skiing with a dog.” Akela was adopted on her first birthday. We didn’t know anything about his background. We just knew they had passed it through a few homes and that it would not happen again.


These wonderful friends value the valuable time they can spend together, ski three times a week, and have their own distinct style.These wonderful friends value the valuable time they can spend together, ski three times a week, and have their own distinct style.


Ellie continues:

“We’ve always enjoyed traveling, but we’d fallen into a rut at home and wanted a change of scenery. Canada turned out to be the most straightforward option for Akela, as there was no dog quarantine.


They utilize an elastic strap with a cushioned handle for their snow treks and explorations. The lady resolved to let her win the race with the leash once she grasped the mechanism; she reasoned that she would teach herself and then pull the woman to pull her.

Ellie guarantees:

“A lot of encouragement and praise goes a long way. “I usually make sure there’s some incline on the paths we chose, so she can pull with more ease.”


But Akela isn’t only a skier; she also enjoys other sports and, of course, loves to unwind after a day of high-energy activities with her mother.

Finally, Ellie said:

“He also enjoys camping, canoeing, and bicycling, but when he gets home, all he wants to do is snuggle.” Akela is a curious, gigantic idiot, like most German shepherds or huskies.