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Elephants From The Circus Rush To Assist A Friend Who Has Fallen During A Cruel Stunt

After a fellow slave slipped and fell during a perilous maneuver, elephants forced to perform stunts for a circus in Belarus rushed to his rescue.


The enormous animal began to topple from atop a pyramid of stools on which he had been nudged into standing, shocking the audience. The elephant fell nearly six feet, falling onto the ground on his side while narrowly avoiding bystanders in the front row, according to footage from the event.


Surprisingly, two additional elephants waiting just outside the middle ring come into view to check on their fallen comrade shortly after the agonizing slide. From a different perspective, the anxious animals can be seen staying by his side as he tries to get back on his feet.

The elephant was harmed, but no onlookers were damaged in the accident, according to Belarusian media agencies. Despite his trauma, he will be forced to perform with the circus again shortly.

The event highlights the dangers elephants suffer when forced to act inhumanely, but what happens behind the scenes at animal circuses is even more horrifying. Elephants are commonly subjected to a range of abuses in order to destroy their spirits via fear and intimidation when they are being trained to perform in circuses.


Thankfully, the usage of animals in circuses is becoming less common across the world. An increasing number of countries and local governments have made the practice illegal due to animal welfare concerns.


Despite the fact that the United States has yet to establish a statewide prohibition, change is afoot. In addition, Ringling Bros., one of the country’s largest circuses, stated that it would no longer utilize elephants in its shows.