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When a Landlord Discovers a Tenant is Breaking The ‘No Pets’ Policy, He Has The Best Reaction

This is Nashi who was adopted from a pet store in Japan when he was five months old, but his new mom felt he was too much effort after three days and planned to surrender him to a shelter. She took Nashi to an appointment with her stylist first, and told her what she wanted to do to her stylist, a lady called Hiroko.

Dogs from shelters are rarely adopted in Japan, and many of them are euthanized. Hiroko couldn’t stand the thought of the lovely little dog being abandoned, so she decided to take him home with her.


Hiroko took Nashi home, yet her husband, Robert Hamilton, was insistent about not having a dog and informed her that they would not be keeping him and would instead look for a new home for him. He instructed his wife not to name him and not to become close to him, but she broke both of those rules, and Nashi is now their forever dog, and he and Hamilton are the best of friends, nine years later.

“In Japanese, ‘nashi’ means ‘nothing,’” Hamilton said to The Dodo. “As a result, the phrases ‘His name is Nashi’ and ‘He has no name’ are interchangeable.”


Hamilton today loves Nashi more than anyone else, and he brings him wherever he goes, including places he isn’t permitted to go, such as to see sumo wrestling.


When Hamilton hired a studio to concentrate on his kimono design company, his agreement specified unequivocally that no dogs were permitted. Nashi, on the other hand, follows him everywhere, so as he was transferring his equipment and supplies into his new place, Nashi was there, barking excitedly, and the landlord, of course, heard him.

The landlord asked Hamilton whether he had a dog the next day, but the discussion did not go as he had planned.

“I left Nashi at home on my first day of work and went to the landlord’s door to properly introduce myself and offer her a gift,” Hamilton recalled. “I felt I was in big danger when she asked about the dog first. But it turns out that she simply adores dogs and had been longing to see him since she first heard the first bark. I dashed back to the house to collect Nashi so she could know him.”


To Hamilton’s astonishment, his landlord was not angry at all, but rather eager to spend time with Nashi. She’d always had dogs previously, but she thought she’d gotten too old for them, and she didn’t want to leave a dog alone in the world if she passed before him. Nashi was a more quiet dog who avoided meeting visitors, but as soon as he met the landlord, he appeared to feel her want to be his buddy.

Hamilton stated, “He sat peacefully and accepted his destiny.” “By the third time she came, he had figured out who she was and was delighted to see her. She is now one of his favorite persons on the planet.”


Hamilton’s landlord now pays Nashi a visit practically every day, and he always brings treats for him. Nashi adores her and feels giddy everytime he sees her approaching. They have become the loveliest pair of unexpected friends, brightening each other’s days wonderfully.

“Because I trained him in English, he didn’t comprehend Japanese instructions at first,” Hamilton explained, “but now he listens to and understands her.” “She is the only one from whom he will receive an order in Japanese. He also attempts to follow her home on a regular basis. They appear to adore each other.”