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Dave Bautista Adopts A Dog Found Tied And Gives A Reward To Find The Culprit

Dave Bautista reminds us all that his vulnerability is animals in need, despite the fact that his corpulent bulk may make him appear like an immovable oak tree in nature and he may be an unsentimental guy.

Dave adopted two tiny pit bull brothers from the Humane Society of Tampa Bay in 2019 because of the same issue. Earlier this year, the WWE superstar offered a $20,000 prize for anyone who could discover the individual who scribbled “Trump” on a manatee.

CREDIT: Humane Society of Tampa Bay

Dave lives a tranquil life in Port Tampa, but he can’t stop himself when he hears of an animal-related event.

She just heard of a 3-month-old abandoned female pit dog who was discovered with a metal chain around her neck. After the Tampa Bay Humane Society publicized the dog’s tale on Facebook, Bautista became aware of it.

This terrible incident moved Dave so much that he offered a $5,000 reward for the individual who was responsible for the torture.

A woman was driving her car when she discovered the dog feeding in a dumpster at the nearby cemetery, according to Sherry Silk, the organization’s director.

CREDIT: Humane Society of Tampa Bay

Sage, despite her tragic past, showed herself to be a very friendly little dog that demanded a lot of attention.

Sherry had this to say:

“He is a kind and polite young man. Sage was wagging her tail on the exam table despite being in excruciating agony as our doctor and staff examined her.”

It’s worth noting that the humane organization accepts pets with stories similar to Sage’s or who are just abandoned every week.

CREDIT: Humane Society of Tampa Bay

But, for some reason, the actor was moved by the narrative of tiny Sage.

In an interview, Dave said:

“When I came across his tale, it broke my heart. Nothing, in my opinion, is more innocent and pure than a puppy.

Bautista’s incentive offer drew national attention, prompting other well-known actors, like Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Mickey Rourke, to donate money to the cause.