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A Family Of Cats Takes In A Kitten With Unusual Hair Found On The Street

Janie is a cute cat that was discovered on the pavement. Her unusual color has made her renowned on social media.

Janie is a sweet cat that was discovered abandoned on the side of the road in Ontario, Canada. The young girl stands out not just because she is adorable, but also because she has a distinctive coat. People have been taken aback by her unusual hue, which makes her appear like a newborn raccoon.

Janie weighed just 82 grams when she was discovered, yet she had managed to survive owing to her determination. She was in a hurry.

Adorable kitten found on the road.

Melissa, the rescue center’s founder, took in the small kitten to provide her with the attention she need and to assist her in dealing with her difficulties.

Melissa said to Bored Panda:

Janie was discovered alone on the street. She was screaming for her life, according to the individuals who discovered her. They left her in the sunlight, resulting in severe burns on her rear legs. I rescued her when she was around 24 hours old.

Janie was to be kept in the incubator for two weeks and then bottle fed until she was medically healthy, according to the woman’s plan.

After more investigation, it was revealed that their fur color is known as “Fever Coat, Febrile Mantle, or Fever Mantle,” which occurs when the mother has an illness or is stressed during pregnancy and has no harmful impact on the kitten’s overall health.

So there’s no need to be worried because Janie is not in danger. Although, as it grows older, it is likely to lose its unique color. The most essential thing now was to locate Janie a foster mother, and thankfully, the rescue organization had the ideal volunteer.

Melissa had taken in a pregnant cat a few days before Janie arrived, and she gave birth a few weeks later. So the woman realized that the best approach was to introduce Janie to the mother cat when it was convenient.

The young child gained 100 grams of weight after three days of 24-hour care, a significant improvement. Janie continued to develop and gain weight over the next several days, and the spots of her silver fur darkened, giving her a distinct color.

Melissa said to Love Meow:

“She was often purring and rolling around on her bed, begging to have her belly massaged.”

Every time the kitten meowed, it drew Mom June’s attention, who was watching Melissa feed the baby through a window.

Melissa had this to say:

“She was crying in the incubator because she was so desperate for the kid.”

The young girl was ready to meet her new adoptive mother when she was two weeks old, as everyone had predicted.

Mom June raced over to her as soon as she heard her squeals and began washing the baby from head to toe.

Melissa stated, ”

“As soon as I was able to introduce them, June adopted Janie as hers. June had to lick and sanitize her for around ten minutes before hugging with everyone as she breastfed the babies. It was a lovely moment.

Janie does not eat from her mother because she has only ever known her to drink from a bottle, but she adores hugging her and her brothers. Despite the fact that she gets along with all of her siblings, one in particular adored her younger sister, Jasmine, who is the most independent of the litter.

She was so enamored with Janie that she constantly wanted to be at her sister’s side while the other kittens were having a good time. When the cat first opened her eyes, she began to move, eager to join her foster siblings on their rampage and explore the entire area.

Janie is two weeks younger than her siblings, but she makes up for her lack of bulk with her nice temperament and lovely coat.

She has begun exploring her home, has learned to use the litter box on her own, and is attempting to mimic the behavior of the other kittens.

Janie, who is eight weeks old and thriving in foster care, is learning to feed by observing her mother June.

Melissa commented, ”

“She’s at the point where she can keep up with the other kittens. He only cries when he can’t find me or his siblings.

This lovely ball of hair is growing by leaps and bounds and will undoubtedly get the life she deserves after a rough start in life.