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Woman Sees A Photo Of A Dog With The Saddest Eyes And Knows She Needs To Help Her

Lauren Smith Greeno was looking on Petfinder for a dog to care for during the holidays when she came across pictures of a puppy with the saddest eyes. Before she got a permanent home, Lauren wanted to assist her in becoming comfortable.

The family, who already owned three dogs, believed that by doing this, she would feel secure and content and live a much quieter life until it was time to find a permanent home. Ginnie the dog was taken away from her previous owners because they did not properly care for her.

Ginnie and her littermates were never allowed to experience what it felt like to rest on a warm bed because they were kept outside on short leashes.

Instagram/ gendry_baratheon_greeno

Before Charlie’s Crusaders Pet Rescue took Ginnie and her siblings in, the siblings were put to a shelter. While Ginnie’s siblings were adopted nearly right afterwards, Ginnie was still looking for her forever home six months later.

Her black fur, which made it challenging to photograph her, led the rescue organization to believe that it was the reason.

Instagram/ gendry_baratheon_greeno

Lauren explains:

“Nobody desired her. It’s difficult to understand why potential adopters are avoiding Ginnie after saving her and falling in love with her. She is a kind and kind little lady who adores cuddling and makes friends with everyone she encounters.

Instagram/ gendry_baratheon_greeno

Lauren made plans to pick up Ginnie from the shelter and take her home after looking at her photographs and learning about the dog’s history. Although Lauren had first intended to take Ginnie in, she soon realized that she couldn’t because she had already returned home.

Instagram/ gendry_baratheon_greeno

Lauren remembers:

“We put her in the back of the car when we picked her up from the rescue facility so she could relax. She came onto my lap and began showering me with kisses just as we were leaving the pickup spot. I sobbed. She was incredibly loving and trustworthy.

Ginnie’s foster family showed her around as soon as she arrived and introduced her to their three other dogs. She seemed a little frightened and aloof, but she also appeared relieved, as if she realized she was at last secure.

Instagram/ gendry_baratheon_greeno