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This Sweet Puppy Was Dumped On The Day Of His Adoption, But His Story Went Viral And Now He Has A Loving Family Taking Care Of Him

Vicente the gorgeous dog was dressed to the nines and ready to meet his new family, but he was tragically abandoned on the day of his adoption. His tale gained traction on social media, and things changed dramatically when he was adopted.

According to MILENIO.COM, Vicente was cared for by the Rescátame Foundation, a facility in Bogotá, Colombia, that provides refuge and care for animals until their forever homes can be found.

Vicente was abandoned, upset and clothed, and she is still offered for adoption. Vicente’s alleged adopter never showed up. He canceled his adoption before bathing him and making him ready for a home.


Internet users responded to the puppy’s condition very away, and many expressed their displeasure by sharing the group’s message. As a result, the story went viral, and after viewing pictures of the adorable dog, a family chose to adopt him.


A few hours after the first publishing, the organization announced the amazing news that Vicente had been successful in finding a family willing to take him in.

They posted a picture of the dog with his new owners and wrote:

“Many thanks to all parties involved; we never imagined her tale would get this far. Vicente has already been adopted by a lovely family, we’d like to let you know. More than 40 cuddly creatures are still awaiting homes at the foundation.