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Two Cows Show Their Pain By Consoling Their Companion Who Was Going To Be Taken Directly To The Slaughterhouse

Your heart beats when you’re terrified. Screaming is the response to severe pain. When despair overtakes you, tears will flow from your eyes without your control. Unfortunately, a lot of people still do not understand that animals experience many kinds of emotions, including joy, sorrow, heat, cold, misery, and tension.

For instance, cows are remarkable creatures, gentle giants with a range of emotional expression. Because of their intelligence, they have the capacity for long-term memory, sophisticated social interaction, the ability to form friendships, and even the capacity to recall unpleasant interactions with other cows.

Iman Hamikhah, an Iranian photographer, was able to capture this feature of animals that has possibly not been thoroughly studied with his camera. Following the selection of a cow from the herd to be sent to the slaughterhouse, a group of cows can be seen displaying his devotion and comforting one another in some of the pictures of him.

One of the animals in the group is wearing a white blindfold as a sign that she has been chosen to die that day, and the other two creatures nearby, who are separated from her by a fence, are making an effort to console her.

Iman Hamikhah, an Iranian photographer, observed that cows are “extremely emotional creatures.”

The case is most notable for Hamikhah’s masterful use of the camera to show how sensitive and emotional cows are. Although it is uncertain why these images were shot, all evidence points to the fact that the cows were captured just before they were transported to the scaffold.

This trio of animals’ suffering and sense of helplessness may be seen in the graph plainly. Given that the photographs are a photographic work that document an unusual time in the social behavior of cows, it is not surprise that they went popular on social media right once.

The photographer said, “Attention should be called to the significance of well-being and how to comprehend the pleasant emotions that an animal would display.

The publication was produced in 2019, yet despite this, the photographer received more than 2,300 “likes” and hundreds of comments from viewers who were sympathetic to the animal’s unfortunate condition.

More cows and other animals of various kinds are seen in the remaining photo sequences from this series, where their futures have also been decided.

For all of the aforementioned reasons, we want to draw attention to the fact that cows have the ability to feel, and we urge consumers to be aware, practice responsible consumption, and keep this in mind when making purchases.