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A Falcon Just Can’t Figure Out Why The “Duckling” Isn’t Afraid Of It

The falcon is a predatory bird that is distinguished by its magnificent wings and skill at hunting the many species it encounters on its travels. They are among the world’s swiftest creatures, yet when they spot a meal, they quickly slow to 360 km/h.

A inquisitive “duckling” does not appear to be in the least bit fazed by the presence of one of these birds, though.

Garybob, a YouTube user who goes by the alias “Garybob,” was in a garden when he noticed a hawk flying down to the house.

He wasn’t sure what had the bird’s interest at first, but as he drew nearer, he realized he needed to pull out his phone to capture the strange moment.

The falcon had determined it was the ideal target after spotting a duckling sitting quietly in the center of the grass from above.

The fact that it was a fancy duckling was something the bird of prey was unable to comprehend.

As the duckling made no movement and showed no sign of panic when the hawk approached his “target,” he was at a loss on how to respond.

The sad falcon tried to discover an answer by examining the ornamental duck from all angles and from all directions. The ornamental duckling had such a strong case that the hawk was not going to give up.

That demonstrates how expertly the figurehead was created. According to one Internet user, falcons have an exceptionally developed sense of sight.

The video absolutely went viral once it was uploaded, and it now has approximately 2 million views on YouTube. Hawks typically eat ducklings, starlings, blackbirds, seagulls, pigeons, bats, and seagull eggs. It’s improbable that any of them will manage to escape after they’ve captured their victim.