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Dog Whose Mouth Was Taped Shut Is So Happy These Men Found Him

Last Friday began like any other for plumber Carlos Carrillo and his colleague, but they were soon called upon to rescue the life of a dog that had been abandoned by a callous individual.


The two Shoreline Plumbing employees observed a strange person in a ditch off the country road they were on while driving to a job near Robstown, Texas. They weren’t sure what they’d just witnessed, but they were lucky in that they opted to pull over to take a closer look.

“At first, we didn’t realize he was a dog,” Carrillo told The Dodo. “We went backwards and spotted him.”

They instantly realized the dog was in serious need of assistance; he’d been cuffed and his lips duct-taped shut.


Whoever had abandoned the dog in that way definitely meant for it to die alone — but Carrillo and his companion were not going to let that happen. They rushed to his aid and cut him free.

“He appeared to be in good spirits,” Carrillo added. “He was a highly affectionate person who enjoyed being the center of attention. He was most likely only there for a day or two.”


Following that, the two plumbers got the puppy into their car and drove to Peewee’s Pet Adoption, a no-kill shelter nearby. Despite all that had happened to him, the dog was grateful to the humans who had come to his aid.

“Take a look at that face,” Carrillo remarked. “He realizes he’s been rescued!”


Fortunately, following his trauma, an inspection revealed that the dog was in generally fair health — though he does have heartworms, which will need continuing treatment. He mostly appears to be content to be alive.

“His tail just won’t quit wagging,” a shelter representative told The Dodo. “He’s such a darling,” she says.