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They Left Their Dog Chained Up At Home And Moved, But The Story Has A Happy Ending

When Patsy’s “family” moved away, they abandoned her and left their dog locked up at home. When they were in Costa Rica, representatives of the Los Angeles-based animal rescue group Hope for Paws got a call regarding Patsy’s predicament.

Patsy was waiting for someone to notice her once more when they came; she was restrained with a metal chain outside of her home.

Hope for Paws’ creator, Eldad Agar, stated:

“She was alone herself there. When the hilltop neighbors heard her barking, they fed and watered her while attempting to determine what to do.

“They didn’t want to untie her just to watch as she fled and was struck by a car.”

Patsy appeared extremely happy to see her rescuers as they approached her and happily accepted the food they provided her.

Once Patsy was released from that metal chain, she couldn’t have been happier.

Patsy was transported to Costa Rica Dog Rescue, where she was treated for her flea and tick infestation at the time.

After being evaluated by a local veterinarian the next day, Patsy was found to be seriously ill with ehrlichiosis.

Ticks carry and spread ehrlichiosis.

Patsy wanted to play even though she urgently needed to go to the hospital.