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Shelter Worker Is Living In The Kennel With A Dog Until He Is Adopted

A shelter employee is residing in the kennel to try to assist this very unique dog find a permanent home. When a dog is taken to a shelter after having a home, it may be rather difficult for him to adjust.

Four-year-old dog Lana was discovered when she was still a puppy. Lana was discovered, but her finder was unable to keep her. As a result, she sent Lana to the Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA, where she was quickly adopted.

Sadly, Lana was sent back to the shelter in April after three years of contentment in her new house. Lana still hasn’t found her forever home four months later.

The director of volunteers and activities at the shelter, Whitney Steele, made the decision to conduct a “sit-in” to draw attention to Lana’s situation and aid with her adoption.

Up until Lana is placed in a permanent home, Whitney will remain with her in her kennel at all times.

Whitney is living precisely like Lana, even sleeping in a dog bed in the kennel with Lana in order to truly comprehend what she goes through each day while confined there.

Even if we have fantastic ease, it’s not cozy as a loving home, according to Michael Morefield, marketing and communication officer for the Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA. “Whitney is learning a lot about what Lana sees every day,” he added.

“Whitney has been so effective that she already misses home after only one night, while Lana has been doing this every day for more than four months.”

While Lana resides in the kennel, food has been sent by neighborhood businesses for Whitney and Lana.

All of this is being done by the shelter to demonstrate to the public what a wonderful dog Lana is and that she merits a second chance at happiness. She enjoys taking occasional naps in her cage with the other staff members and going for walks with the volunteers at the shelter.