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This Rescued Cat Can’t Walk But Is The Nurse For Other Sick Animals

Although this cat was rescued and is unable to move, he still helps other animals that are ill and in need. He resides at a veterinary hospital in Perm, Russia, and goes by the name Lucifer, though everyone calls him Luc.

Luc was paralyzed when he was found because of a leg condition, but he now leads a happy life with a family and a job.

In the clinic, Lucifer supports and promotes the survival of other animals. He can relate to others’ suffering because of what he has been through.

Patients like Luc’s companionship when he cuddles up next to them to keep them warm. He has even donated organs to other cats at the facility, saving several lives.

Even though he is unable to walk, Luc works in advertising for the marketing division and clearly takes great pride in giving love and comfort to those who need it the most.