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These Abandoned Puppies Were So Sick They’d Lost All Their Fur, But Their Recovery Has Been Amazing

In Detroit, Michigan, six severely ill pups were rescued from an abandoned home. The puppies were taken from the animal control facility by Kristina Rinaldi, executive director of Detroit Dog Rescue (DDR), in November 2015 after being discovered in an abandoned home. These puppies had severe mange, had lost all of their fur, had severely inflamed skin covered in painful sores, and had a high temperature.

“I’m not kidding when I tell that these puppies were actually on fire. They were ablaze. They were incredibly hot to the touch.

“In my time as a dog rescuer, I’ve seen several cases of mange, but this is the worst mange I’ve ever seen. The lymph nodes have enlarged. His eyes were swollen and closed. His skin began to flake off.

Rinaldi made the decision to give the canines another opportunity since the animal control facility lacked the means to continue taking care of them.

said Kristin:

“How do you feel about hairless pups, the manager asked me? Then I said, “What?” We’ll be there to pick them up soon, I texted back in response to her sending me a photo of the puppies.”

Two of the puppies had already passed away by the time a group of volunteers from the DDR organization brought them to the clinic.

said Kristin:

We’re up against the impossibility, the vet added.

But Kristina wouldn’t give up; the medical personnel had told her that they could lessen the puppies’ suffering while administering a mange treatment.

The four warriors, whose names were Wilbur, Petunia, Pinkie, and Arthur, were monitored by doctors for almost a year.

said Kristin:

Every day we went to see them.

After receiving their final mange treatment, the puppies were eventually discharged and put in a foster family.