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No One Wanted This Pup For Looking Different, But Hilary Duff Decided To Adopt Him

“Mojito” and his brothers were left to the Love Leo Rescue animal shelter in Los Angeles, California, by their parents. While evading her responsibilities, his mother fell pregnant and gave birth to them. Typically, puppies with black fur had a harder time finding homes. Mojito also had a disadvantage in that his legs were shorter than normal and his face was more comparable to a pug’s. Nevertheless, he managed to win Hilary Duff’s heart.

Because they are half pug and half chihuahua, Mojito’s brothers, who were previously named as Mimosa, Daiquiri, and Pia Colada, are now collectively referred to as the “Chugs” at the shelter.

The group’s president, Sasha Rose, said:

We offered to free sterilize the mother, but regrettably they declined. Low-income residents can get free spaying and neutering from us.

Says Sasha

“The sole male and only “dwarf” of the litter is Mojito. He is far smaller than his brothers, with shorter legs, and more of a pug-like face. He is the most loving of the group and adores cuddling up on your lap.”

Dark-coated dogs are notoriously challenging to place since people can’t tell their personalities from images because they can’t see their emotions.

The animal shelter shared the following on Facebook:

“The dark hounds have triumphed once more. Mojito has found his perfect home, and he is content in Hilary Duff’s arms. This small dog had the finest life after being a “unwanted” puppy. I appreciate Hilary Duff’s support of the “Adopt, Don’t Shop” movement and your acceptance of Mojito into your family.