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Man Returns To The Shelter For One Of His Dogs And Leaves Another Behind With No Remorse

When her closest companion left the Lancaster Animal Shelter in California, the sad dog called Mia wailed in agony because she no longer wanted to leave her only family that she had ever known. The cruel man left two dogs at the shelter and came back for just one, leaving the poor, devastated puppy behind.

How can one communicate to a young Yorkshire terrier puppy of six years old that her life may soon come to an end? How does one tell a dog that her devotion is meaningless?

“I encountered Mia’s former owner at the shelter; he had returned for her closest companion Pepper,” the woman said. Mia wept as she saw her former owner leave the shelter without her.

The fact is that this young child had been abandoned in that chilly, dark location and she couldn’t comprehend why she and Pepper had gone to the shelter. We still don’t know why Mia and Pepper had come to the shelter.

Friends of Lancaster Shelter Dogs CA posted Mia’s story on their Facebook page:

“My name is Mia and I am a 6 year old female. I’m already sterilized. I have been at the lancaster animal care center since May 17, I am available from May 17, 2017, you can visit me at my temporary home in L335.”

“He said that a family member handed her to him since he couldn’t care for her due to his excessive work hours. She gets along with dogs and cats, according to him, and she is a little bit food-protective.

The man plays with his second dog in front of Mia in the tragic footage, then walks away without showing any regret, leaving the young child inconsolable.

Mia’s tale was widely shared on social media by furious users, and as a result, Big Bones Canine Rescue was able to save the young child and provide her a temporary home while Mia looks for a forever home.