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Heartbreaking Moment In Which A Dog Cries Inconsolably When He Realizes That He Was Abandoned

When a four-year-old dog who has been abandoned understands her family has abandoned her and won’t be returning, she sobs uncontrollably in this tragic moment. The Inland Valley Humane Society in Pomona, California, received the pit bull named “Electra” after it was abandoned. She is seen in the touching video peering heartbrokenly through her cage before looking to the ground.

Lolys Menchaka, a local woman who assists homeless animals find new homes, uploaded the video on Facebook.

Lilis stated:

“Electra is a face of misery and realism in the shelters,” says the author.

Tiffany Tan

She uttered:

When you see how the dogs arrive at the reception with their cheerful grins on and they are all standing proud, I can’t comprehend it, even though I don’t want to condemn those who give up their animals.

More than a million and a half people saw Electra’s video, and when they witnessed the poor puppy struggle to survive after her family abandoned her, their hearts sank.

One user commented:

“It’s killing me, this. Such eyes. She’s really terrified. Her tail is wagging. She still desires to love. Dogs are amazingly unselfish.”

Tiffany Tan

Thankfully, Electra’s fortune turned around. Eventually, Tiffany Tan, the creator of JL Rescue, assisted in Electra’s lifesaving efforts.

Says Tiffany

No one had been bit by her. She was just taken to the shelter. She was in tears. I really believe that occasionally individuals quit up when they realize they have been abandoned.

Tiffany Tan

A JL Rescue volunteer arrived to pick up Electra from the shelter, and Tiffany’s friend Adriane Silvano offered to care for her in foster care.

Electra is overjoyed, and Tiffany, who has been rescuing dogs for more than seven years, is overjoyed. The way Electra changed astounded her.

Tiffany Tan

Says Tiffany

“He transformed into a whole new dog. He wanted to snuggle up since he felt content, on the couch. She was the most adorable person ever.”

Tiffany Tan